Ethical Logistics: [Ethical] From the Greek word Ethikos (ethos, character, custom) 1. having to do with ethics or morality; of or conforming to moral standards 2. conforming to standards of conduct. and [Logistics] the French logis, lodgings - loger, to quarter; the branch of military science having to do with procuring, maintaining, and transporting material, personnel, and facilities.


Our lives are entwined within various types of logistics, down to the most basic level. To such an extent, that most of us are unaware of the way they impact our daily lives. The intent of this site, is to try to shine some light on the topic, and provoke some thought engagement, on the way logistics impact on us personally, and culturally.

Most material is sourced from third parties, and aggregated here. As there is no commercial advertising or sponsorship on this site, there is no commercial bias in the subject matter.


The site is basically set up with three broad topics: