Articles by Stuart

  1. Exercising Software Freedom in the Global Email System

    Author, Bradley M. Kuhn.

    In this post, I discuss one example of how a choice for software freedom can cause many strange problems that others will dismiss. My goal here is to explain in gory detail how proprietary software biases in the computing world continue to grow, notwithstanding Open Source ...

  2. Fatigue-related risk and Fatigue Management Programmes (FMP)

    Fatigue causes sleepiness and is detrimental to vigilance, attention, recall, reaction time and hand-eye coordination (Caldwell et al. 2009; Gall 2006). Increasing demands of modern life means that the prevalence of fatigue in the working population is increasing (Jettinghoff et al. 2005). Long, irregular shifts and highly monotonous tasks make ...

  3. facebook

    Reasons not to use Facebook

    Why you should not "use" (i.e., be used by) Facebook.

    I have never had a Facebook account. There is a Facebook account called "Richard Stallman", but it is an impostor.

    Putting the photo of someone on Facebook (or Instagram) contributes to surveillance of that ...